1) Teaching film for the short form (1997)
Contains a detailed portrayal of the entire short form of the Yang-style (3 parts), shown by Petra Kobayashi, also 2x repetition of selected positions, preliminary exercises, 90 minutes.
€ 75,-

2) Teaching film for the long form (1999)
Contains a detailed portrayal of the long form shown by Petra Kobayashi with 2x repetition of the positions of the long form not shown in the DVD of the short form. Demonstration of the entire long form, 75 minutes.
€ 70,-

3) Teaching film of the sword art (2009)
Contains a detailed portrayal of the sword form shown by Toyo Kobayashi-, back and side views of the form; description of the 13 sword techniques, as well as, the San Tsai Sword with Tathata Kobayashi.
€ 65,-

The DVDs are well suited as support material for learning the short form, the long form and the sword form. They are also helpful in a later intensive analysis of what has been learned. They are useful for self-study.


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